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Jan 18, 2023

Brendan Bannister, the CEO of, is one smart marketer. 

We first met in 2018 when he was the CMO and Creative Director at William Painter. After taking my YouTube/Google course, he scaled ad spend on YouTube from $2k per day to $100k per day! 

We decided to start meeting and swapping ideas, war stories, and things we were testing. We soon realized the value of sharing this knowledge with others and decided to record a session and bring it to the world! 

In this episode, we dive into CRO, creatives, data-driven marketing, R&D for marketing departments, and the golden years for YouTube and Facebook Ads and how they achieved 13x growth for William Painter. 

Here are some highlights: 

  • How the famous da Vinci quote, “Simplicity is Ultimate Sophistication” should be a guiding principle for marketers.
  • Is media buying dead? If so, what is taking its place?
  • How good brands are sort of like algorithms.
  • “Design is hack” and what that means for your marketing efforts.
  • The role “brand” plays in your ability to scale.
  • Why Brendan is now living and working full-time in Dubai.
  • Plus more!