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Jun 16, 2021

Ryan McKenzie is doing what he can to help save the planet.  His super-effective laundry detergent strips are keeping millions of plastic laundry jugs out of landfills each year.  He also wants to save your brand from bad video advertising.

I invited Ryan on the show again because his approach to video advertising is just awesome.  Here at OMG Commerce, we have the privilege of running all of his Google and YouTube ads so we’ve seen firsthand their rocket ship growth.  They were Canada’s 2nd fastest growing start-up and have grown from 7 employees to 200 in record time.  In this episode, we break down Ryan’s  7-step framework behind his video ads that are fueling $100k/day in ad spend.  Here’s a look at what we cover:


  • What is a powerful pattern interrupt and how to use one.
  • Why having a villain in your ads is a good thing.  Hint: Your villain probably isn’t a person.
  • How many and how to most effectively use Calls to Action.
  • Biggest surprises on what works and what doesn’t.
  • How to use logic and emotion.