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Feb 24, 2021

If you sell a great product, then no doubt you’re getting referrals.  Referrals are great, but just waiting for them to happen on their own is NOT a formula for rapid growth.  Referral programs are a proven, but underutilized strategy for growing eCommerce brands. In this episode, I interview Arlen Robinson, referral marketing specialist, podcast host, and co-founder of Affiliate Software. We dig into some powerful points to help you take your referral marketing and affiliate marketing to the next level.  Here’s a look at what we cover:

  • What’s the difference between referral, affiliate, and influencer marketing and how they each impact your business.
  • To incentivize or not to incentivize?  Understanding the when, why, and how of referral incentives.
  • Creating a viral loop to get customers into your referral program
  • Tools and approaches to make it easy
  • Plus some real-world case studies