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Jan 20, 2021

How does potty talk on Instagram lead to a thriving eComm brand and a world-class influencer marketing program? Normally it doesn’t, but Adi Arezzini isn’t your typical eCommerce entrepreneur.  

Few companies run influencer marketing as successfully as Adi Arezzini.  And few people understand what it takes to build a brand and a community like Adi.  What started as discussions on Instagram about gut and bowel health transformed into a thoroughly engaged community and a brand that’s growing by leaps and bounds.  

Everyone says they want to build a brand.  Few know what that means.  Even fewer are willing to do what it takes. In this episode Adi and I break down her step-by-step approach to influencer marketing + brand and community building.  

Here’s a quick look at what we discuss: 

  • How to find influencers with REAL influence
  • How influencer marketing help Adi land in UltaHow to use a spreadsheet to build your first influencer lists
  • The difference between IG and YT influencers
  • How to leave nothing to chance and help influencers feel like you’re rooting for them and helping them succeed
  • When to pay fees for influencers vs. when to pay commissions
  • Tools to tracking and making influencer marketing easy
  • How spreadsheets can be your secret weapon when getting started with influencer marketing
  • Plus more!