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Nov 16, 2022

What you don’t know about YouTube is hurting you.

Justin Sardi is the founder of Tube Sift and Video Ad Vault. He is a true YouTube OG.

He’s been running ads and geeking out on YouTube organic growth since 2012.

He’s built two of the leading YouTube research and spying tools on the web - Tube Sift and Ad Vault. The team here at OMG actually uses both regularly. Justin is a sharp dude with a wealth of YouTube knowledge. 

Here’s what we dive into in this episode:

  • Misconceptions about YouTube holding you back from growth.
  • How to capture top-performing YouTube ads to learn from - for FREE!
  • What’s changing on YouTube, including some of our favorite targeting options?
  • Why Google’s first-party data and AI is second to none.
  • Some YouTube SEO tips you probably haven’t thought of. 
  • Do you need a 2nd YouTube channel?
  • Video Discovery ads - what are they and how to make them work for you? 
  • Plus more!