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Aug 31, 2022

What’s the secret behind the runaway success of Dr. Squach, Manscapped, William Painter, Ruggable, Lume, and more?
Product design that people love is part of it.They also leveraged FANTASTIC creatives. They didn’t just create ads that converted; they had ads that viewers loved.
This allowed for scaling. They entered the rare space of being able to scale profitably to 10 million, 20 million, several hundred million views - profitably.
Dr. Squatch rode the wave of incredible creatives from a $3 million annual run rate to hundreds of millions in yearly sales.
How did they do it? They tapped into Raindrop’s creative genius and its CEO Jacques Spitzer.
Raindrop is one of my favorite creative shops and the creators of the videos for brands listed above, plus Native (also an OMG Client), Worx, Happy Egg, and more.
Here’s a look at what we cover in the episode:
  • Why you shouldn’t start a video project by deciding what YOU want to say. Follow Jacques advice instead.
  • How you’re likely assuming way more attention than your prospects are giving.
  • How ads that scale can completely change the game.
  • What people are really buying when they buy your product.
  • Do shoppers actually care about your why?
  • What branded performance creative is and why it makes scale and brand lift so much easier.