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Aug 24, 2022

What if you could cut your lead costs in half? What if you could shorten your sales cycle from several weeks to just a few hours? What if you could leverage organic and paid traffic for better connections, delightful customer interactions, and more sales?
That is what Chatbots can create for you.
I heard Natasha Willis speak at Blue Ribbon Miami a few months ago, and I loved her presentation so much that I invited her to be on the show!
In this episode, we unpack her $30 million Instagram DM funnel.
Here’s a look at what we cover:
  • How to use IG DMs to run quiz funnels.
  • How to combine bots and human creativity for outstanding results.
  • How Natasha helped cut lead costs in half for companies like Foundr.
  • Top mistakes people make with Chat marketing.
  • Misconceptions about Chat marketing.