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Oct 6, 2021

While getting free PR for your brand isn’t easy, it’s not impossible. And the rewards can be huge.  Great companies and CEOs have always understood this. From Steve Jobs to Walt Disney to Richard Branson and others. Free press can be worth millions to your brand.   And you don’t have to be as dynamic as Richard Branson to get free PR.

Ali Karsh is the co-founder of LVPR, a PR company that works exclusively with cool DTC brands like NATIVE, Cloud Paper, Everyday Humans, and many others.  

In this episode, we condense Ali’s 15+ years of PR experience into a power-packed interview.  We cover the most important topics so you can start getting free PR now for your brand.  Here’s what we discuss:

  • When’s the best time to engage with media?
  • How to craft a compelling founder story that the media is eager to share?
  • How the pandemic has made getting PR easier (and harder)
  • LVPR’s 5 Rules for brands it works with
  • What is commerce/affiliate PR and how it’s changing the PR game.
  • Plus more!