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May 5, 2021

Prime Day is one of the biggest shopping events of the year.  We now fully expect Prime Day to land in June of 2021 (at the time of recording this podcast we were still uncertain of whether it would be June or July).  OMG’s Amazon Director, Chris Tyler and Amazon Specialist Amber Norell join me for this week’s episode to break down what we’re expecting for this year’s Prime Day and what you need to do to get ready.  

If you do nothing as an Amazon seller, you’ll likely see some lift in sales for Prime Day.  If you use some of the tactics we discuss in this podcast, you could generate some record sales days for your brand.  Here’s a look at what we cover in this episode.  

  • Prime Day discounts and coupons - which is usually better and how to structure your offers.
  • Amazon Live! - a perfect complement to your Prime Day deals
  • Lightning Deals
  • Amazon posts
  • How to maximize your storefront for Prime Day
  • Does and don’ts to get your listings ready for Prime Day

Plus more.  Listen to the full episode or read our complete Prime Day Blog here.