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Jul 22, 2020

The online buying journey is a complex process.  It rarely looks exactly the same for different shoppers.  BUT, there are distinct stages that most shoppers pass through in their unique journey.  Video can be your secret weapon along each stage of the journey - compelling customers, educating customers, and delighting customers.

Ben Amos lives in Australia’s Sunshine Coast and is a master at creating video content that shapes buying behavior.  In this episode, we talk about how video can impact these 4 distinct stages of the shopping journey:

  1. Awareness - this is where we tell our brand story in a compelling and helpful way…Ben shows us how.  
  2. Consideration- this stage is all about information and education.  As shoppers evaluate their options, your video should be there to help guide the way.  
  3. Conversion event - your video can and should do the job of a salesperson whether on a product detail page or as a remarketing ad.  
  4. Advocacy - Your video strategy shouldn’t stop with a happy customer.  Use video content to encourage more referrals and repeat purchases.