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Mar 18, 2020

Quick - what’s the best, most effective viral video ad you’ve seen?  Poo-Pourri? Purple Mattress? Maybe Squatty Potty? Chatbooks? Each of those videos (plus dozens more) were created by my guest today and his team at Harmon Brothers.  And not only where these videos viral hits…they SOLD stuff. Funny. Memorable. And persuasive to the tunes of hundreds of millions in sales. That's hard to accomplish.  

In this episode, we dig into some of the tips, tactics and secrets behind the Harmon Brother’s unrivaled success.  We dive into the following:

  • 3 big mistakes most companies make when it comes to video ads
  • Why humor is NOT a silver bullet 
  • The inside scoop behind Poo-Pourri and haw it launched the Harmon Brothers to national prominence
  • How do you land on the right “BIG idea”
  • How and when to get feedback on your script and initial video edits
  • How to think and create videos like the Harmon Brothers
  • Plus more