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Jun 6, 2018

Even if you’re on another platform you have to pay attention to what Shopify is up to. Now with over 500,000 stores using the platform, when Shopify makes a shift the whole industry feels it.
I wanted to know the latest and greatest from Shopify so I invited on the King of Shopify himself, Kurt Elster on to the podcast.
In this episode we dig into some new releases and how they impact you including:
  • How Shopify Stacks up in the ecommerce platform ecosystem

  • Shopify myths that need to be busted - such as “Shopify is bad for SEO.”

  • Dynamic check out - Now that Amazon’s one click checkout patent has expired Shopify has built their own version...and it’s awesome.

  • Now Fraud protection is built in and available for those who use Shopify pay.

  • Want to get all of your marketing app data in one place?  You can with Shopify’s new Marketing dashboard.

  • Kit how you can have a legitimate automated “bot” employee

  • Thinking of replatforming?  What questions should you ask before you do?

  • Plus more!