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Nov 8, 2017

This is part of the "how I did it" series where we interview successful eCommerce entrepreneurs and dig into the tactics and strategies that propelled them ahead of the pack.  This interview with Jared Mitchell, Co-Founder of Skincare by Alana, is a great example of building a community, testing everything, and diversifying traffic.  
Jared and Alana's story is pretty awesome. Jared went from a bass player with a record deal that fell through to self-employed deck builder to helping his wife launch an online skincare company.  Jared took some SEO knowledge and combined it with Alana’s passion and as an esthetician to build a budding eCommerce skincare store.
We dig into some really interesting stuff in this episode including:
- Jared’s top 4 Conversion hacks over the last 12 months
- A shipping offer test with surprising results
- Using Quizzes & Surveys for better conversions (this was an eye-opener for me)
- How to grow a new brand piggybacking on existing brands
- Jared’s top traffic sources
- Using Amazon to boost Google SEO traffic
- What separates successful eCommerce companies from the rest of the pack