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Jul 26, 2017

It’s very possible that your data sucks.  Or if your data is accurate, it's likely that you're fixating on the wrong metrics.  
I LOVE this interview.  While I can’t pick favorites, it would be hard to find an episode that was more important to your business than this one.  
Charles Farina and the team at Analytics Pros craft data and analytics solutions for large companies like Yelp, Starbucks, TOMS, Asics and more.  
This episode is highly actionable….and fun, in a nerdy way.   Here’s a look at what we tackle:
Top, little-known Analytics “hacks” for better, more actionable data.
Why asking “what attribution model is best for me” is the wrong question to ask.
- 3 Worthless Metrics you should either stop measuring or understand what they are really telling you (if anything).
- What will Google’s new attribution model look like and when should we expect it?
- Real case studies for making better decisions with proper data analysis
Top Analytics mistakes to avoid
Plus, more!