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Jul 19, 2017

Product discovery on Amazon is almost exclusively driven by search.  So if you want to drive more sales on Amazon you have to get better at search - both the organic side (SEO) and the paid ad side.  In this week’s episode, I interview a man who knows Amazon search inside and out - George Lawrence.  
He started Merchant Words in 2013 and has grown it into one of the most popular Amazon research tools on the market.  In my chat with George, we dive into all things Amazon search including…
- Common Amazon SEO mistakes to avoid
- Finding hidden sales opportunities through keyword research (brace yourself we use a pretty off the wall and potentially controversial example).  
- How Amazon search has changed in recent years and what that means to you.
- When analyzing search data, what metrics matter and what metrics don’t
- Preparing for more product searches on Alexa and “Amazon Choice”
- Current trends on Walmart & 
Plus more!  Check it out.