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Jul 12, 2017

Facebook ads are one of the hottest paid channels for online merchants right now.  FB ads played a huge part in Ezra Firestone's growth from under $10million in revenue to over $22.5 million in a single year.  
Part of achieving success on Facebook is keeping up to date on what's working now.….And it's a moving target. 
Ezra spends upwards of $15,000 per day on Facebook Ads and he's tracking his performance carefully.  
Here's a glimpse of what we cover on the show:
- How Ezra is currently building his Facebook Sales Funnels
- The 4 types of ads you should be testing
- Why you should consider video ads for FB
- Landing page tips for converting more FB ad traffic
- New audience targeting techniques that are different than what Ezra was teaching & testing just a few months ago.
- Bonus!  We get a little bit "deep" at the beginning and end of this episode.  We talk about being a mission-driven business and sticking to your values even as you experience rapid growth and have opportunities coming at you from every angle.  Learn from Ezra's wisdom and his story here…
Plus, more!