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Oct 19, 2022

I love Arrae as a brand and as a group of products.

I also think Nish Samantray is one of the brightest up-and-coming eCommerce founders in the game right now.

Arrae is unique because it’s a supplement brand that combines natural ingredients with amazing packaging and design. Their supplements are designed to work in under an hour. So their bloat pill allows you to eat pizza and not feel terrible afterward. And the jars are a work of art. So are the labels. It’s truly a product you would love to see in your medicine cabinet or sitting on the counter.

Nish and the team are doing a LOT right in creating Arrae’s meteoric growth.

Here are a few things we discuss in today’s episode:

  • Why asking what customers want next is a terrible question and what to ask instead.
  • How to think about in-store growth.
  • When everything gets more challenging, how you get better.
  • Influencer marketing with events and thinking more like a mom who loves to host neighbor kids.
  • Nish’s favorite books and resources for growth
  • Plus more!