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Jul 5, 2017

Bart Mroz has his finger on the pulse of the eCommerce industry.  He's the co-host of the Register Podcast and writes for Entrepreneur, Retail Dive, Social Media Today and more.  
This episode is all about emerging trends, what's next, and how we should approach (our least favorite term) omnichannel.  
Bart moved to the US as a boy who spoke no English.  We talk some about being an immigrant entrepreneur and then dive into some pretty compelling questions such as:
- What technologies will disrupt eCommerce in the next 1-5 years?
- What are the most common problems you're solving for larger eCommerce clients right now?  How do you think those will differ in 2-5 years?
- What platforms and payment systems are you most impressed with?
- How is omnichannel changing and where is retail in general headed?
- Are there any legitimate contenders for Amazon - who could give them a run for their money?
- Plus more!
Bart is a fascinating guy, and I think you'll love the interview.  Enjoy!