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Dec 15, 2021

The market for eCommerce businesses has never been hotter. Now dozens of brand aggregators have war chests of $100s of millions of dollars with one mission - buy and grow eComm brands. We’re now seeing valuations in the 5-6x of EBITA where just a few years ago we were only seeing 3-4x multiples.  

Now is a great time to sell an eCommerce brand. And, if done right, it’s still not a bad time to buy a brand.  

Chris Yates is co-owner of Centurica a company that offers buy-side due diligence for digital businesses. He’s also the founder of Rhodium Weekend - a vetted community of digital entrepreneurs and investors. 

Here’s a look at what we cover.  

  • Mistakes when going through due diligence
  • Most important steps/tips when going through due diligence 
  • Mistakes when evaluating your own business
  • As you hit different vacation tiers - types of buyers and buyers wants and needs change 
  • How aggregators are changing the landscape of DTC M&A
  • What is Rhodium weekend? Mastermind and speakers. Real in the trenches stuff and fun activities