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Sep 1, 2021

Tom Worcester is a tremendous success story.  Grit, determination, and the ability to pivot he has in spades.  He started his eCommerce business in 2018 to cater to the festival and event-going crowd.  He hustled and used in-person marketing at events to help his theft-proof hydration backpacks (think a camelback, but with security features).  The products took off.  Then the pandemic hit.  No festivals. No in-person events.  But Tom knew his customers still craved community.  So he continued to build community and he helped build another business - Create with Carousel that helps eComm brands build great video content.  

Here’s what we dive into:

  • How to build community online for an ecomm brand in record time with a unifying topic 
  • How to positively create echo chambers for your brand
  • What hooks you need to use to build community
  • Creating incentives to grow your community
  • 3 layers of a product to consider when you craft a video ad…most people only think about the first two layers
  • How assuming you’re wrong can help you get it right with video ads
  • When and how to best use CTAs in your video ads