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Jun 30, 2021

You want low CPMs (like the early days of Facebook)?  You want massive engagement from eager shoppers?  Are you looking for a little virality to go with that?  Then you need to consider TikTok and SnapChat ads.  I’ve had more clients and other agency friends ask about TikTok and Snap ads in the last few weeks than I can ever remember before.  Both platforms are still in their infancy from an ads standpoint (with SnapChat being more established than TikTok).  Both still offer tremendous opportunities for first adopters who are willing to learn the platforms.  


Today I’m bringing on two experts, Madison Grover VP of Social from Pouch, and Anders Piiparinen CEO from Wallaroo Media.  They’re giving us a crash course on what we need to know about TikTok and Snap ads.

  • Why you should build TikToks and NOT ads
  • How creating consistently great content on TikTok can have a compounding or “resurfacing” affect
  • How to repurpose TikTok content on other platforms
  • Why you can’t repurpose YouTube or IG content on TikTok
  • Understanding key TikTok metrics
  • The basics of a solid Snap ad
  • How to drive conversions from TikTok and Snap