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Mar 17, 2021

How quickly can you find the following key metrics from your business?

Contribution margin. 

Inventory turn ratio.  

Return on inventory (the other ROI).  

If you struggled a bit finding those answers (or if you just want to go to the next level), you need to listen to this episode with John Canetta.  This episode was super fun for me and the content is what separates eComm companies who just get by vs. those who thrive (and end up with big exits).  It’s a must-listen for serious store owners.   

You HAVE to know your numbers.  And your P&L may be lying to you and you don’t even know it.  

  • How his hedgehog concept allows him to consistently hit 80% margins vs. 40-50% like some of his competitors.
  • His piggybank metaphor and how it shapes his decision making
  • Marketing is fun, but operations are where your profits are
  • Understanding your numbers and making it SIMPLE - 
  • How to look at and use Post Aggregate Gross, Contribution Margin, and Return on Inventory to hit his goals
  • John’s 3 keys to business success