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Mar 3, 2021

Brennan Agranoff was building spreadsheets at age 13.  He learned a little HTML in High School.   Growing up playing club basketball in Oregon with Nike HQ in his backyard, Brennan saw the appeal of custom socks as a young teen.  So he launched his first eComm brand called HoopSwag at age 13.  Brennan is a master of creative growth ideas.  He combines that with an intense focus on product and process development and automation.  We talked about both growth ideas and process automation at length in this episode.  

  • How creative gifting has opened up his Micro-micro influencer approach
  • How to go from VA to automation
  • Always asking “how do I remove myself from this?”
  • How Brennan shares a similar philosophy to Amazon to automate anything repeatable
  • The comparison of good code to good process development
  • The power of good mentors
  • Plus more