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Feb 17, 2021

This eCommerce power couple is ON FIRE.  They are cranking out AMAZING products on Amazon and growing fast.  More importantly, they’re having fun in the process.  

More surprising and impressive than the growth is that they’re married, work together and, wait for it...still like each other!  

We uncover some really powerful lessons in Amazon growth, business growth, and maintaining healthy work relationships.  I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I enjoyed recording it!

Here’s a look at what we cover:

  • How to pivot and grow
  • How being in the right role to compliment each other is super important (whether you’re married to your business partner or not)
  • Mistakes in hiring the wrong people and how to get this right
  • How to know when and how to “let it go” and not get your feelings hurt
  • How Tenacity and passion create the ultimate 1-2 punch
  • Learning from your successes - a great tragedy is business is succeeding and not know why you succeeded.  
  • Knowing your super power and using it consistently