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Jan 13, 2021

Once upon a time you could source any old product you wanted from Alibaba, slap your name on it, throw up a listing on Amazon, and presto!  Instant sales.  I personally know several people who sold 7-figures + per year doing this.  Well….those days are over.  Everyone I know who ran that kind of business is either 1. Out of business or 2. Had to make a hard pivot.  

To succeed on Amazon now you need to build a brand.  You need products that delight customers and serve a unique purpose.  You need listings that clearly communicate your brand difference and value proposition.  And you need to work on driving rankings the right way.  

My guest today is Emma Schermer Tamir - Co-founder of Marketing by Emma.  We talk about how listing optimization on Amazon has shifted in recent years and how brand building now plays a major role in your success on Amazon.  Here’s a look at what we discuss:

  • From brand registry to making customers happy, to Google traffic - why building a brand makes sense.
  • Spammy product titles or more pleasing to the eye titles - what works and what doesn’t when crafting the perfect title
  • Why skimmability should be one of your primary goals when writing bullet points and descriptions
  • How proper listing optimization on Amazon can possibly lead to more traffic from Google
  • What great brands can teach us about A+ content, product differentiation, and breaking through the noise on Amazon.