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Dec 16, 2020

Jared Mitchell has a unique perspective on the eCommerce industry.  He and his wife, Alana, run two eCommerce sites - and  He’s also the lead eCommerce consultant for Neil Patel and he runs an eCommerce training group at  This guy has forgotten more good eCommerce ideas than most will ever learn.   

Jared is also a close friend and he’s my surfing mentor.  We do take a very brief detour to talk surfing on this episode, but mostly we talk about overlooked growth ideas!

Here’s a look at what we explore on the podcast:

  • How to NOT be a one-trick pony.  And many, many successful eCommerce businesses are far too reliant on just one traffic source or one product.
  • Why Jared recommends at least 10 sources of sales and what channels make his top 10 list.
  • Push notifications - how and why they work and why you shouldn’t over-think them
  • Phone sales - customers who buy over the phone often have twice the average order value of other buyers.  
  • Postcards - how Jared and Alana sold almost $30,000 worth of product on a simple and cheap postcard.
  • Live video - what to share in a live video, how to broadcast your video, and how to repurpose your video once it’s complete.