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Oct 21, 2020

There are two different types of sponsored YouTube influencer videos:

  1. An integrated sponsored video and 
  2. Stand-alone sponsored video.

Stand-alone sponsored influencer videos are what most brands use and what most people think of when they hear “YouTube influencer marketing.” Stand-alone videos are typically an influencer providing a quick review or endorsement about a particular product.  So the video is titled “Widget 12 Pro Unboxing and review.”

An integrated sponsored influencer videos is an ad put inside of video on a separate topic.  The video might be about fortnite or camping, or whatever, but inside the video is a 30 second ad, read by the creator, for your product. These integrated video ads are Ridge Wallets secret sauce. 

Here’s a quick look at what we uncover on the show:

  • Why integrated sponsored videos are so great and why they scale better than stand alone influencer videos. 
  • How to approach influencers
  • Why subscribers on YouTube is largely a vanity metric
  • How to spot a dead channel vs. an active channel
  • How to measure the impact of your influencer videos 
  • What to pay influencers and how to think about CPMs (cost per thousand)
  • How to achieve scale in your outreach and deployment of influencer videos
  • Plus more!