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Aug 26, 2020

Amazon Advertising has exploded in recent years.  In fact, Amazon is now the 3rd largest online advertising platform behind only Facebook and Google.  Pretty impressive for a company who’s a retailer first, cloud computing 2nd, and online advertising 3rd.  

In this episode, I wanted to bring on the sharpest mind in Amazon Advertising that I know - OMG’s very own Chris Tyler.  I brought him on so we could deep dive into the two hottest trends in Amazon Advertising right now - Sponsored Brand Video (formerly Video in Search ads) and Amazon DSP.  Here’s a look at what we cover:

  • What is Amazon DSP and how can sellers use it to reach shoppers on an off Amazon?
  • How to target people actively shopping for your competitor's products who haven’t purchased yet.
  • How Sponsored Brand Video (SBV) ads are outperforming ALL other ad types for most of our clients.
  • 5 keys to a great Sponsored Brand Video Ad
  • How you can test SBV without spending a fortune on video production
  • Plus more!